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There is a solution to combat grey hair!

The researchers of La Biosthétique Paris didn’t want to leave it at colouring the hair when it comes to grey hair. They added a scalp lotion “Anti-Grey Elixir” to the Méthode Régénérante product range, which helps turn grey hair back to its original colour.

Elixir Anti-Grey combats grey hair

The natural way to restore your healthy original hair colour. The anti-grey scalp lotion Anti-Grey Elixir contains an active ingredient complex, consisting of a biomimetic peptide, plant extract of candle bush and a water-based extract of the healing gemstone malachite, to reactivate the natural hair colour – without the use of colour pigments.

Without artificial colour pigments with patented, clinically tested active ingredient. Dermatologically tested

Cell-active anti-grey powerful scalp lotion with triple effect

  1. Reactivates the hair’s natural pigmentation from the roots without any artificial colour pigments whatsoever.
  2. Consistently protects the hair from further pigment loss.
  3. Revitalises the hair and restores its healthy strength and youthful radiance.

For a significantly visible reduction in grey hair when used regularly.

Dr. Christian Ader, Head of Research, Development and Production

»Researchers are increasingly understanding the processes that occur in our body as we age. This provides us with new ways to help people to maintain their natural beauty and youthful radiance. We regard Anti-Grey Elixir as an anti-aging innovation and a very good example for the practical application of long-standing research and development.«

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Elixir Anti Grey - gegen graue Haare