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Diet as the cause of grey hair

True beauty comes from within, or so the saying goes. And a healthy diet undoubtedly has positive effects on our appearance: we have fewer weight problems, healthier skin, appear more balanced and are fitter. In short: if we pay attention to our health, we feel better about ourselves, and we also radiate this.


And our hair also profits from a balanced diet with lots of mineral substances and vitamins. Because the optimum supply of the hair roots with all vital nutrients enables the normal, unimpaired growth of the hair. Consequently, our diet directly influences the health of our hair – in our natural, original hair colour.

Hair growth: how is hair formed?

To understand why over time people have to increasingly struggle with grey hairs requires a fundamental understanding of hair growth. Then we realise how the natural hair colour is formed and why this turns grey or white with age, stress or a poor diet.

The scalp has hair roots/hair papilla in which the hair is formed. Hair consists mainly of keratin (water-insoluble proteins), for example, the same material that fingernails are made of. The hair papilla forms a horny substance from keratin, which is gradually pushed out of the roots – the hair emerges from the roots. In the same area, the matrix, melanocytes supply melanin to the hair. Melanin is a pigment which, depending on its composition, which is genetically determined, defines the natural hair colour.

If the growth process is impaired because e.g. not all nutrients are available to produce the melanin in the melanocytes, one possible consequence is: grey hair. If the melanocytes can’t deposit any melanin in the keratin fibres, these spaces are filled with microscopic air bubbles, which our eye perceives as grey and/or white.

So, the fact that we turn grey as we age is due to the fact that processes in our body are not functioning ideally. This is particularly the case as we age: our metabolism slows down, our cells are no longer performing as efficiently as when we were young, stress at work and in our personal lives also has negative consequences.

All this inhibits the production of melanin in the hair roots. Furthermore, if we fail to support our body with the necessary nutrients for a healthy metabolism, we thus accelerate the negative impacts. And this is directly visible due to grey hair.

How does our diet affect our hair colour?

Many different processes in our metabolism affect our natural hair colour. For example, the enzyme tyrosinase is involved in the production of the colour pigment melanin. If the body is imbalanced, metabolic by-products such as hydrogen peroxide can no longer be properly broken down. These inhibit the body’s production of tyrosinase and thus, consequently, melanin.

In a healthy body, the enzyme catalase is responsible for hydrogen peroxide. If it is no longer capable of breaking down hydrogen peroxide as intended, the body is subjected to oxidative stress. This also increases the risk of inflammation. This affects every cell of the body and thus all processes that are involved in hair growth.

To lastingly avoid grey hair, a balanced diet is vital. You should supply the body with all vital mineral substances and vitamins, as well as fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

To combat oxidative stress, foods that are rich in antioxidants are recommended. So try to eat a diet that is rich in Vitamins C and E, carotenoids, flavonoids and other secondary plant substances, as well as the trace elements zinc and selenium. Your diet should be based on lots of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain products, plant oils, nuts, fish, meat, milk and dairy products, as well as eggs.

In addition, it is important to have a varied and balanced diet. Because to stay healthy and thus keep the hair roots healthy, you need to ensure a balanced supply of all nutrients.

Combine a variety of colourful foods. This makes a healthy diet enjoyable, and also helps to maintain your natural hair colour. Furthermore, you should drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea. Ideally, you should cut out nicotine and limit your alcohol consumption. And if you do treat yourself to a glass, opt for red wine because this is rich in antioxidant secondary plant substances.

How does Anti-Grey Elixir combat grey hair?

A varied diet, sport and the avoidance of stress are the foundations for a healthy body in which all processes, and thus hair growth, function as intended. To ideally support the hair roots and lastingly prevent grey hair, the application of scalp lotion Anti Grey Elixir is recommended. This supplies the hair with all vital nutrients and thus maintains a healthy cell metabolism: the prerequisite for healthy and beautiful hair that shines in its natural hair colour.