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Prevent grey hair

Grey hair is not very popular today: Although the hair turning grey was once a sign of wisdom and maturity, today we associate silver hair more with the unstoppable process of aging and the transience of youth.

Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that people are in search of ways to stop the process of the hair turning grey. On average, Europeans discover their first grey hairs as young as 34 – depending on genetics and lifestyle, the process can also happen sooner or much later. Instead of covering over grey hair with tinting or colouring, in younger years it’s particularly about preventing the hair from turning grey. It’s important to know what promotes grey hair and what causes it.

Preventing grey hair with a healthy lifestyle

This is mainly ascribed to genetics. As we age, the imbalance in the metabolism causes a greater and greater deficit of melanin, the pigment substance that gives the hair its colour. But external factors can also promote the hair turning grey: Illnesses such as hormone disorders, operations and chemotherapy can also promote the hair turning grey, as can stress and environmental pollution, as well as an imbalanced lifestyle.

To prevent grey hair a healthy and balanced lifestyle is helpful. Supplying the body with vitamins, where B vitamins are particularly important, plays a significant role. Studies prove that particularly a sufficient supply with Vitamin B12 can combat the hair turning grey. This factor is particularly important for vegans as B12 cannot be supplied with a purely plant-based diet.

Mineral substances also play a key role. They boost melanin formation, and particularly copper is key here. A copper deficiency is however rare in people.

Based on studies, smokers turn grey sooner than non-smokers. Their risk of turning grey prematurely is 2.5-times higher.

Stress also encourages the formation of grey hair. Whoever overdoes it in their everyday life and constantly overstresses themselves has a much higher risk of turning grey sooner. So, a healthy work-life balance can be beneficial to prevent you from turning grey.

But even if you have a healthy lifestyle, this is mostly defined by genetics. The aging process which is visibly reflected in the hair turning grey can scarcely be stopped from a purely biological perspective. If you look at your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, you can just about estimate how your own hair colour is going to develop and approximately when you will turn grey. So, even with a very healthy lifestyle, you can start turning grey rather early on, in your 30s.

But even then, when your first grey hairs become visible, there are tried and tested remedies. Professional tinting and colouring at the hairdresser is not the only way to banish grey hair:

With the scalp lotion Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey, La Biosthétique has developed an innovative remedy to combat grey hair that gently revitalises the hair and restores its natural colour.

Preventing grey hair with Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey

Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey is a new remedy to combat grey hair. It features a triple effect, and contains clinically tested active ingredients. It combats the aging process, and the hair’s natural colour is gently restored. By increasing melanin production, the hair’s grey percentage is reduced and the hair regains its youthful, strong appearance.

97 percent of the ingredients of Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey are naturally derived: For example, the plant extract of candle bush ensures that the formation of hydrogen peroxide is reduced. Hydrogen peroxide is responsible for inhibiting the formation of melanin in the hair, and thus encouraging the hair to turn grey.

At the same time, a mineral energiser from the medicinal gemstone malachite supplies the hair papilla with vital trace elements.

Only to a limited extent are we successful in completely preventing the hair’s aging process of it turning grey. The scalp lotion Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey can however stop the hair turning grey, and restore grey hair’s original colour – no matter what the previous natural colour.

Grey hair doesn’t happen overnight: It’s often a long process that takes us from the first visible silver strands to hair that has turned completely grey. The sooner you start the treatment with Dermosthétique Anti-Age Elixir Anti-Grey, the more dramatic the visible success.